Servicing the Cities of
Azusa, Baldwin Park, Irwindale and
West Covina in Southern California
Service Deposits

Valley County Water District will require a service deposit for any residential, commercial, and/or fire protection utility service account that meets one or more of the following criteria:


  1. Account for which there is not an acceptable payment history at the time of establishing water utility service
  2. Account for which water utility service has been disconnected for non-payment
  3. Account for which a returned check has been processed
  4. Account for which payment arrangements have not been met


All collected service deposits will remain on the utility service account for a minimum of one year, until the utility service account achieves an acceptable payment history, or until the utility service account is closed and finalized, whichever occurs first. Service deposits will be refunded as a credit to the account and applied against any services rendered. Service deposits applied in excess of services rendered will be refunded in the form of a check payable to the customer listed on the utility service account. Amounts due in excess of the service deposit will be mailed to the customer listed on the utility service account for payment.


Service deposit amounts are based on the type of utility service and the meter size serving the residence or business.


Click here to see the complete Customer Service Fee and Service Deposit Schedule. 


Click here to see Resolution 11-17-793 of the Board of Directors of Valley County Water District outlining all of the approved Customer Service Fees and Service Deposits. 



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