Servicing the Cities of
Azusa, Baldwin Park, Irwindale and
West Covina in Southern California
Featured Stories
Open Recruitment
We are accepting applications for a Treatment & Production Supervisor at VCWD.
(Posted: June 17, 2019)

New Business Hours to Better Serve the Community
Extended business hours Monday through Thursday and Alternating Friday Office Closure
(Posted: May 13, 2019)

In-Home Water Use Survey
Identify Water Conservation Opportunities at your Residence
(Posted: October 22, 2018)

Free High Efficiency Toilets
District hosts its 4th Annual Toilet Giveaway Program
(Posted: March 6, 2018)

Conservation Checklist
Water Conservation Tips and a Water Use Survey Checklist
(Posted: February 28, 2018)

Affordable Rate Program and PayNearMe
New Year, New Programs for our customers!
(Posted: January 10, 2018)

Customer Safety is Our Priority
Be Alert for Fake VCWD Employees
(Posted: February 13, 2017)

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