Servicing the Cities of
Azusa, Baldwin Park, Irwindale and
West Covina in Southern California
Water System

You turn on your tap, fill your glass, and enjoy a cool drink of water. Pretty easy, huh? It's not as easy as you might think - your drinking water goes through a carefully monitored step-by-step water system to make sure it is clean and safe before it reaches your home, as outlined below.

Maine Street West Well 




Active Production Wells

The District has 4 active wells that produce 8,450 gallons per minute.

                     C.O. Nixon GAC  Treatment





GAC Treatment Facilities

GAC treatment removes containimants and enhances the quality of the water.


C.O. Nixon Chlorine Building 





Chlorine Disinfection Stations

By dosing the water with chlorine the District knows your water is safe to drink.

                               Paddy Lane Reservoir 





Water Storage Reservoir

All 6 of the District reservoirs total 10 million gallons of water. 

Morada Booster Pump Station 





Booster Pumps

The District operates and maintains 17 booster pumps.


                                       Water Main Line 





Water Main Pipelines

The District maintains 120 miles of water main pipelines.


Water Service Lines 





Water Delivery Service Lines

There are 12,470 water delivery service lines installed throughout the service area.



                                       Water Meterbox





Water Meters

The District maintains 12,470 water meters throughout the service area.




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