Active Production Wells

Maine Street East WellActive Production Wells

Valley County Water District operates and maintains 4 active production wells for water production supply purposes, including:

These four wells combine to extract a maximum of 8,450 gallons per minute from underground aquifers as deep as 300 feet below the grounds surface. In just one day, more than 12 million gallons of water can be pumped and delivered to the system. Under normal conditions, an average of 7 million gallons per day is served to meet the needs and demands of the residents and businesses within the service area.

Inactive Wells

In addition to the four active wells, Valley County Water District owns five inactive water production wells, including:

  • Arrow Highway Well
  • Big Dalton Well
  • Morada Well
  • Paddy Lane Well
  • Palm Well

Each of these inactive water production wells are currently out of service since the water produced from them would not meet state or federal drinking water standards without proper treatment.