Booster Pumps

Maine Street Booster PumpsAll finished water is temporarily held in the storage reservoir until it is needed by customers. Customer demand, or the need for water, has been historically characterized by peak hours, including the morning between 7 am and 10 am and the evening between 5 pm and 10 pm. These peak hours represent the times when most families are at home performing their regular household routines, which includes the use of water. To efficiently and effectively support these peak demands and to ensure that water is available to customers for use when needed, Valley County Water District operates and maintains a total of 17 booster pumps:

  • 5 pumps: Clinton O. Nixon Booster Pump Station
  • 4 pumps: Maine Street Booster Pump Station
  • 3 pumps: Arrow Highway Booster Pump Station
  • 3 pumps: Morada Booster Pump Station
  • 2 pumps: Paddy Lane Booster Pump Station

Each of these pumps responds to customer demands, drawing the finished water from the water storage reservoirs and boosting it into the water main transmission pipeline system for delivery.