Drought Information

Water Restrictions

With California facing one of the most severe droughts on record, Governor Edmund G. Brown declared a drought State of Emergency in January 2014 and directed State officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages.

Executive Order

On April 1, 2015, Governor Jerry Brown issued an Executive Order providing the State Water Resources Control Board with the authority to impose water use restrictions for attaining an additional 25% in statewide urban water conservation. Similar to the action taken last year, on May 5, 2015 the State Water Resources Control Board adopted additions to the emergency regulations for increasing statewide urban water conservation efforts and implementing a tiered framework identifying water use reduction goals for each California water supplier.

Valley County Water District falls into Tier 4 of the 9-tier framework, requiring a 16% reduction in urban water conservation by February 2016. Fortunately, your continued conservation efforts in response to the declared Stage 1 Water Supply Emergency have allowed Valley County Water District to achieve 9% of the 16% total reduction in urban water use between June 2014 and February 2015. These efforts were acknowledged by the State Water Resources Control Board and resulted in Valley County Water District needing to attain an additional 7% in reduced water use. To comply with the 7% water reduction target and to further encourage each user to join the efforts, the following Stage 2 Water Supply Emergency use restrictions and conservation practices will be enforced beginning June 2015.

Water Conservation

In response to the continued severe conditions, Valley County Water District adopted Ordinance 09-19-128 (PDF) in May 2015 as a means of providing guidelines for practicing water use efficiency, for reducing the waste of water, and for encouraging water conservation measures to ensure that available water supplies will continue to be reliable and adequate for meeting the demands of the service area.

Recognizing continued - yet less severe - drought conditions, the State Water Resources Control Board developed permanent water conservation standards and required each local water agency to determine a water conservation standard based on their calculated water shortage assuming continued drought conditions. Based on this process, Valley County Water District reduced its mandated water use restrictions and adopted Resolution 09-16-775 (PDF) declaring a Stage 1 Water Supply Emergency pursuant to Chapter 3.03 of Ordinance 09-19-128.

The Valley County Water District Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that all residential and commercial customers are informed and educated about the drought conditions and the appropriate practices for implementing water saving techniques. Therefore, before monetary fines are issues to those who have received notifications of a water conservation violation, District staff will meet with customers to discuss appropriate water use efficiency practices and provide educational material.

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Baldwin Park Key Well

The Baldwin Park Key Well is one well in an observation network of wells monitored by The Department of Natural Resources (DNR), which monitors the use of water within the State of California. Under the observation well network program, ground water levels are routinely measured in 600 wells statewide. One of those wells is located right here in Baldwin Park.

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