Trust the Tap

The water provided from your tap is more regulated and tested than bottled water.

Regulation & Testing

Valley County Water District regularly tests your drinking water using California Department of Drinking Water approved methods to ensure it meets all water quality standards. Routine water samples are collected throughout our service area and are taken to a state-certified laboratory for analysis.

Each year, the District produces a Water Quality and Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to summarize all water quality data and current projects to improve service to its customers. The 2022 CCR is now available. Click here to view the current CCR.

Reasons to #TrustTheTap

  • Tap water is the one ingredient you will always have on hand for baking treats at home.
  • Tap water gets tested for harmful contaminants frequently than bottled water, making it safer to drink and cook family dinners.
  • Tap water is necessary for your overall hygiene and health.
  • Tap water is vital and safe hydration for man’s best friend.

Trust the Tap

Can’t find bottled water? Tap water is a great source of safe drinking water. All the essential needs for safe drinking are already at your tap!