Neutral Output Discharge Elimination System (NO-DES)

Thanks to a funding award from the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Valley County Water District will be using a Neutral Output Discharge Elimination System (NO-DES) to perform maintenance on District water mains. 

Traditional fire hydrant flushing involves opening hydrants and spilling hundreds of gallons of water onto roadways to maintain water quality. Due to California’s back-to-back drought years and water shortages, VCWD sought out this technology. The NO-DES unit connects to a hydrant and flushes the water through a filter system before disinfecting and reintroducing the water back into the system. Therefore, no water is wasted in the process.

Project Benefits

  • Improved Water Quality
  • Conserves Water and Energy
  • Eliminates Water Loss
  • Reduces Flushing Costs

For a video model of how the NO-DES system works, please watch this video.

Project Completed

The District completed flushing of the water distribution system. Results of this program can be viewed here.